"Discarded chewing gum is conventionally seen as gross and unremarkable. However each time somebody squishes up a used piece of gum, an entirely unique shape and form is created. In this way each piece of old gum can be interpreted as a unique and rare jewel!" - Ambrin
Ambrin is a jewellery artist and designer based in London. She creates contemporary pieces with an aim to innovate upon conventional notions of jewellery. She explores different ways of using jewellery design as a means to surprise, delight and push boundaries. Ambrin takes great inspiration from the ancient tale of King Midas and The Golden Touch. Legend dictates that everything the King touched was turned into gold. Even the lowliest, most invaluable objects became trophies. Influenced by this fantasy, she applies her own golden touch when designing, often transforming ordinary things into luxurious jewels. Her debut collection 'Chewing Gum Pearls' is a series of exciting new pieces, entirely inspired by chewing gum. This designer adds a little sparkle and wonder to the overlooked and the everyday!
"I love the weird and wonderful forms that baroque pearls can offer and I love that no two are ever the same. To make the jewellery I use an ancient technique called lost wax casting which allows me to form individual settings that fit each pearl perfectly." - Ambrin
Every piece of jewellery is hand-crafted by Ambrin in her London workshop. She also hand-selects each individual pearl featured throughout her work. Ambrin graduated from Central Saint Martins with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Jewellery Design in 2016. She recieved various awards throughout her degree and during her final year she was granted the prestigious Swarovski Foundation Scholarship. After graduating Ambrin went on to intern for legendary jewellery designer and innovator Shaun Leane in London and also spent time working at Annoushka Manchester. She trained further in Peru under the guidance of traditional Cusqueñan jewellers and in 2019 carried out a Self- Directed Artist Residency with Arquetopia in Mexico. In 2020 Ambrin was awarded the Mikimoto Scholarship to study for her Pearls Certificate with the Gemmological Institute of America.
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