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Crown Jewels for Bee In The City
Sculpture and Public Art Trail
Manchester Art Gallery 23rd July - 23rd September
'Bee In The City is one of the most spectacular public art events Manchester has ever seen. Over one hundred bee's are waiting to be discovered on this tremendous public art trail! Each bee has been designed by a different artist and celebrates the unique buzz of Manchester. Bee In The City celebrates Manchester's exceptional creative talent.'
If Manchester had a set of crown jewels, what would they be?
One hundred years ago women recieved the right to vote for the first time in UK history. Mancunian women played a huge role in campaigning for this right. The Women's Social and Political Union was founded at 62 Nelson Street in Manchester, by notable suffragette and activist Emmeline Pankhurst. To show solidarity with the movement many suffragettes wore suffragette emblems and colours, including jewellery that featured white, purple and green gemstones. If Manchester did have a set of crown jewels, imagine how they might be a wonderful and inspiring collection of suffragette jewellery!
'Crown Jewels' shows Manchester's worker bee guarding a giant pile of suffragette jewels. The worker bee is also adorned with gemstones and suffragette jewellery, complete with a glorious diadem and dazzling green eyes! The sculpture celebrates both the world of jewellery and the city of Manchester.
emmeline 2.jpeg
emmeline 1.jpeg
Souvenir Badges!
'Emmeline' is a limited edition set of 'Manchester Suffragette Bee' badges. Each set features a bee made from faux pearl with purple and green jewels which represent the suffragette colours, complete with a golden sting! The set also comes with five beautiful suffragette flowers for the bee to sit with on your garment. The badges were created using jewels left over from the 'Crown Jewels' bee!
'Emmeline' is a limited edition of 19. To reserve your set please email
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