Bubblegum Rosary
'Bubblegum Rosary' is an avant-garde interpretation of a traditional set of Rosary beads. At over half a metre in length and weighing in at over seventy grams, the piece is a divine celebration of holy adornment. The necklace boasts a grandiose freshwater baroque pearl cross, which hangs beneath six more pearls. In addition there are fifty hand textured discs which are accompanied by a further four pearls. The composition of the necklace mirrors the exact pattern found on a strand of typical Rosary Beads. The placement of each pearl signifies key markers, such as the three Hail Mary beads down the front. If you count upwards from the cross, to pearl number seven, you will also see a small engraving of The Virgin Mary which was been moulded onto the face of the pearl!
'Bubblegum Rosary' makes for an impressive piece of adornment and when worn, moves gently with the rhythm of the torso. The necklace can be styled as a solo piece and it can also be layered with shorter pendants. As well as being a
wonderful piece of jewellery to wear, the primary function of a Rosary is of course for use during prayer and mediation. In this way the piece can be kept as a devotional keepsake as well as being used to adorn. Spirituality and religion date back to the early ages of human society, and have been an inspiration for jewellery design throughout the ages. By reinterpreting religious pieces in a contemporary way, the development of holy jewellery and ornament continues.
- Eleven pink freshwater baroque pearls
- Sterling silver
- Handmade to order by Ambrin
- Pearls and composition may vary
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