Chewing Gum Pearls
'Chewing Gum Pearls' is a three-part collection of contemporary jewellery that is playfully inspired by chewing gum!
Throughout the collection beautiful freshwater baroque pearls are used to represent these squished up pieces of chewing gum! Discarded chewing gum is conventionally seen as gross and unremarkable. However each time somebody squishes up a used piece of gum, an entirely unique shape and form is created. In this way each piece of old gum can be interpreted as a unique and rare jewel. 
Baroque Pearls are synonymous with notions of luxury, regality and fine jewellery, so juxtaposing them with the idea of used chewing gum is a fun and playful way to subvert traditional notions of value. The collection features a mixture of both white and pink freshwater baroque pearls. The white pearls are set in sterling silver and represent the chewing gum flavour 'Spearmint'. The pink pearls are set in rose gold plated sterling silver and represent the flavour 'Bubblegum'. Every pearl within the collection has been hand selected by Ambrin to ensure each resembles a wonderful piece of squished up gum! All pieces are handmade by Ambrin.
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All jewellery will continue to be handmade by Ambrin and the utmost care and attention will be taken in order to produce your piece safely and in accordance with Covid-19 related government guidelines. Due to restricted workspace and reduced access to materials and supplies our making times are currently slightly longer than usual. We thank you for your patience and support and we wish you and your loved ones safety and health during these difficult times.