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ae Plstr

Crafted in response to the tampon tax Tampax Pearl imagines the luxurification of a tampon. The work interrogates the classification of period products as taxable luxury items. Hand pierced lacework echoes absorbent fabric and opulence. Inappropriate yet conventionally 'luxurious' materials see functionality comprimised in the pursuit of luxury.

luxury lace blister plaster 2.jpg

Tampax Pearl is part of the Fool's Gold series. The Fool's Gold treasures see the transformation of everyday objects under the imagined lens of a 21st century midas touch. The work investigates conventionally 'valuable' materials and their characteristics in order to examine how the functionality and use value of contemporary objects might be comprimised through the dystopian pursuit for 'luxury'. Each item transformed holds particular significance in representing lived socio-economic narrative.

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