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As a woman of dual heritage Ambrin's work celebrates duality and the coming together of cultures, ideas and symbolism. Her vision is to breathe new life into pearls by creating treasures that reflect contemporary ideas of spirituality, power and heritage. Every piece of jewellery she creates is unique and echoes the rare spirit of the individual wearer.
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 Lost Wax Casting

In order to create her signature pearl settings Ambrin uses an ancient technique known as 'lost wax casting'. The lost wax process has been used by goldsmiths for thousands of years and involves transforming hand carved wax into precious metals. All of Ambrin's castings are made from 100% recycled sterling silver. In addition to this each jump ring, earring post, earring hook and the silver solder Ambrin uses are made from 100% recycled sterling silver too. 
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 Freshwater Pearls

Ambrin's jewellery philosophy brings a sense of charm and innovation to the otherwise puritanical subject of pearls. Pearls are symbolic in Ambrin's work in representing the flow of tradition towards evolution. She pairs wonderfully unique pearls with handcrafted precious metals to create a new aesthetic that echoes the past and celebrates evolving ideas of heritage and identity. Every single pearl she uses is unique meaning no two pieces of jewellery are ever the same. One of a kind pearls for one of a kind people.  Pearls are an underwater treasure and their growth is only possible in clean and healthy marine environments. By showcasing this gemstone Ambrin hopes to champion sustainable, caring and respectful attitudes towards water.
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Slow Fashion

Ambrin is devoted to hand crafting each individual piece of jewellery from scratch and is dedicated to the practice of slow fashion. The majority of her creations are handmade to order and every piece is a unique and special treasure. She produces designs on a rolling, organic basis, rather than following traditional fashion seasons. She is proud to produce all her work from her London bench and to source supplies from London's famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. Every single piece of jewellery is hallmarked at the Goldsmiths' Hall and bears the London stamp.

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