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Hail Mary Hoops
The 'Hail Mary Hoops' are a striking pair of earrings, that respond to the sometimes overwhelming pursuit of purity and virtue. The generous size and scale of the jewels reference the weight of sin, and the text alludes to themes of repentance and forgiveness. In order to create these wonderful ornaments Ambrin developed a brand new way of using pearls to form letters and words. Each pearl has been chosen specifically to represent different alphabetical characters. Ambrin has also discovered that it is possible to break down some of the pearls by sawing them by hand with a very thin blade. Doing this makes it possible to reconstruct the gemstone, and compose the perfect pearl text.
- Each pearl featured within the 'Hail Mary Hoops' is hand selected by Ambrin
- No two pearls are the same, meaning each set is completely unique!
- Made in sterling silver
- Ambrin handcrafts each pair of earrings from her Manchester workshop
- The jewellery is made to order and will come with a signed certificate
- All jewellery made by Ambrin is hallmarked at the London Assay Office
- To discuss your order or arrange an appointment contact