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ea Parls

Henna Pearls exist to fill the gap in collections and institutions pertaining to jewellery, object and artefact that express and reflect dual-heritage identity. Pearls are emblematic of 'regality, formality and properness'. They feature heavily within crown jewels and can represent 'aspirational Britishness'. Henna is a plant based material traditionally used to paint decorative patterns onto the surface of the body. The practice of painting henna is an intergenerational ritual and form of knowledge exchange. Through reimagining henna in the context of physical jewellery the work connects diaspora identity with ancestral land. In pairing two culturally symbolic materials Henna Pearls offer an aesthetic anchor and material sense of belonging. The pattern is carved into the pearl before the henna is inlaid. Interrupting the surface of a pearl is a gently disobedient craft process that reflects the resistance of literally carving out a space in aesthetic society for under-represented identity profiles.

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