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 Luc

Lady Luck allows the wearer to pursue a fantasy of gold through the embodiment of chance culture and good fortune. The hand-pierced, silver plate scratch card features one winning golden panel and five copper panels of dissapointment. The work explores the 'toolification' of coins as a medium for scratching scratch cards in pursuit of greater financial reward. The scratching rings are crafted using cut coins and celebrate physical practicalities of metal versus the role metals play in monetary lore.

Scratch Ring FRONT .JPG

Lady Luck is part of the Fool's Gold series. The Fool's Gold treasures see the transformation of everyday objects under the imagined lens of a 21st century midas touch. The work investigates conventionally 'valuable' materials and their characteristics in order to examine how the functionality and use value of contemporary objects might be comprimised through the dystopian pursuit for 'luxury'. Each item transformed holds particular significance in representing lived socio-economic narrative.

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