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- Each pair of rings is hand shaped, textured, and individually engraved - meaning each set totally unique!
- Made in rose gold plated sterling silver
- The rings are hand-made to order and will come with a signed certificate
- If you are unsure of your ring size please get in touch!
- To discuss your order or arrange an appointment contact
Half Hour In Heaven Prayer Rings
The 'Prayer Rings' come in pairs and can be worn one on each hand. When you bring your palms together to pray the rings connect perfectly on the inside. The rings are shaped and hand-textured in a way that imitates the organic and irregular surface found on both baroque pearls and discarded chewing gum pieces!
Ambrin collects quotes and lyrics from popular culture that in some way allude to the divine and holy. She considers these to be contemporary prayers and each set of rings is engraved with one. This particular set reads, "May you spend a full half hour in Heaven before The Devil knows you're dead", which is an old Irish toast featured in BBC2's Peaky Blinders.