She Chewed In Church 
'She Chewed In Church' comprises of rings, necklaces and earrings. These works are inspired by a poem sung in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, about a woman named Mrs. Bigelow who chews chewing gum all day long. One line in particular states how she even chewed in Church! 'She Chewed In Church' is a series of jewellery that explores how one might mind their chewing gum while in church. Freshwater baroque pearls are once again used to represent the gum. 
This jewellery explores how these charming pearls might be incorporated into time-honoured religious pieces, for example Rosaries and Saint Christophers. As well as taking influence from traditional jewellery designs the collection also features a number of jewellery ideas and innovations, such as pearl-lettering and double prayer rings. 'She Chewed In Church' even includes a selection of cross-shaped pearls!