Spearmint Hoops
Hoop earrings are a classic form of jewellery. They are synonymous with punk and piercings, and adorn the swinging lobes of the rebellious schoolchild. They are the jewel of the everyday and you'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn't own a pair. The 'Spearmint Hoops' offer a striking take on a classic style of earring!
These earrings pay homage to Violet Beauregarde and celebrate her habit of using her ear as a place to keep her gum. The pearls have been especially selected so that they drip down at the bottom. The hoops thread through these drips and swing below the pearls to form an exciting pair of contemporary earrings! Each hoop is finished with an organic texture. As with all pieces in the collection no two pearls are the same. This means each of the earrings that make up a pair of chewing gum hoops are completely unique and special.
- Both pearls featured within the 'Spearmint Hoops' are hand selected by Ambrin
- No two pearls are the same, meaning each set of earrings is completely unique!
- Made in sterling silver
- Ambrin handcrafts each pair of earrings from her Manchester workshop
- To discuss your order or arrange an appointment contact ambrin@ambrin.co.uk