Sticky Situation
'Sticky Situation' is a series of luxurious hair ornaments all inspired by getting chewing gum stuck in your hair! When each hair ornament is worn it may appear that the wearer has been caught in a sticky situation and from afar these wonderful jewels look like troublesome pieces of chewing gum. However on closer inspection it becomes clear that the hair is in fact adorned with wonderful squished up pearls!
'Sticky Situation' is also greatly inspired by The Crown Jewels. Pearls are traditionally a key element of royal dress and regalia. They feature in almost all of our royal crowns and in a great number of our tiaras. Imagine what might happen if all the pearls in a royal tiara were replaced by pieces of chewing gum. Magnificent, ornamental crowns would become entangled and interwoven into the hair, as the gum would melt and pull. Taking this vision as a springboard, 'Sticky Situation' is a series of fun and resplendent hair ornaments fit for a Queen - inspired by gum-stricken hair!
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