Sustainability Commitment

"I have always been a believer in slow fashion and ethical jewellery. I am a devoted artisan and take pride in responsibly crafting every piece of jewellery myself. It therefore gives me great pleasure to put forward a Sustainability Commitment.

As we enter a new decade we enter a new era of fashion where sustainability is an unavoidable factor in every decision we make. As a young and independant brand I am in a position where I can set a tone and commit to making mindful choices and adopt sustainable business practices. Over the next year I pledge to focus on the following four areas; sourcing recycled silver, continuing to champion the cultured pearl, continuing to hand craft and devoting my production line to the city of London.

And as the business grows so will these pledges. Finding sustainable solutions can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. I am eager to contribute to the world of fashion in a positive and responsible way. By combining actionable pledges with this enthusiasm I am excited to develop a caring and sustainable business." - Ambrin 

Recycled Silver
"Using recycled is a fantastic way to celebrate the enduring nature of silver and to source the material in a conscientious way. Precious metals have a unique quality in that they can either be kept forever or fully repurposed. I am able to breathe new life into forgotten treasures that would otherwise remain abandonded or melted down." - Ambrin
Commencing in 2020 and henceforth all of our jewellery castings will be made using 100% recycled sterling silver.​ In addition to this all jump-rings and earring posts will also be made using 100% recycled sterling silver. By using recycled silver we contribute to the reduction of invasive extraction processes where raw materials are pursued even though they are already available to us through the recycling process. This enables us to help minimize the pressures put on the planet's natural resources. It also allows us to promote sustainable attitudes towards the use of recycled materials within the fashion industry.
Cultured Freshwater Pearls
"Cultured pearls demonstrate the most wonderful partnership between humans and our water sources. They are the perfect example of how we can collaborate with nature to grow beautiful gemstones." - Ambrin
Ambrin's work celebrates cultured freshwater pearls and going forward in 2020 she will continue to showcase and champion this gemstone. Cultured pearls are created in underwater pearl farms where their growth is reliant on clean waters and a healthy marine environment. By choosing to use cultured pearls we help promote the importance and benefits of maintaining clean rivers, lakes and oceans. Ambrin uses cultured freshwater pearls that are grown in China.
 “Pearls are treasures from the Earth’s ponds, lakes, seas and oceans, and they’ve always embodied the mystery, power and life-sustaining nature of water.” - Gemological Institute of America
By shining a spotlight on cultured pearls we can also help to reduce the demand for less sustainable gemstones. In turn this helps to reduce the environmental harm and resource depletion that can come with their extraction. Using cultured pearls allows us to offer a more responsible alternative that let's us keep the 'jewel' in jewellery!
Handmade In London
Ambrin is extremely enthusiastic about the practice of hand crafting which is why she continues to produce every piece of jewellery herself. Throughout the making process the jewellery must also pass through the hands of specialist craftsmen for casting, hallmarking and plating. We are thrilled to announce the set up of our brand new bench space in London which enables us to keep all of our production entirely local to the city. In fact the majority of specialist outsourcing takes place in Hatton Garden - meaning Ambrin can literally walk between her suppliers, specialists and the hallmarking office. Keeping things on a small scale ensures the minimization of transportation, postage, and production waste. In turn this helps us limit negative environmental impacts. Creating a local product also allows us to contribute to the growth and sustainablity of our local economy and helps to socially engage our local community with artisanal and sustainable products.
"Each time I create a piece of jewellery I begin by forming a bespoke setting which locks in place around the pearl. No two baroque pearls are ever the same which means every single piece I make is a unique and special treasure." - Ambrin 
Due to the nature of handmaking and the decision to use uniquely shaped baroque pearls, every piece of jewellery Ambrin produces is different. This charming quality promotes a culture of sustainability whereby consumers have access to unique products that will be treasured for their individuality and irreplacebability. All of our jewellery is handcrafted to the highest possible standard and is designed to last - helping you build a stylish and mindful collection of jewellery!