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 Wear and Care

We are so thrilled that you are enjoying your jewellery! By shopping with Ambrin you are supporting an independant business, slow fashion and the art of traditional crafts. We could not be more grateful for your custom.

We want you to get the most out of your treasures. We have created this handy wear and care guide to ensure your jewellery is long lasting. These essential tips will help you to care for your pieces easily and effectively. 
For further questions or advice on jewellery care please get in touch via email!
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Silver Care

When you are not wearing your jewellery keep it stored safely within the box. This will help to prevent the silver from naturally tarnishing. If you do notice some tarnishing don't worry as a special silver polishing cloth will easily remove this. We recommend using a Town Talk Silver Jewellery Polishing Cloth.

To keep the silver parts of your jewellery gleaming simply take your cloth and gently wipe over the silver areas of your jewellery. This will remove any natural tarnish which may have occured over time and will help keep your jewellery shiny and bright! Take care not to bring your silver polishing cloth into direct contact with your pearl as the polishing agent within the cloth may contain chemicals that your pearl could be sensitive to.
 Pearl Care

Take care of your pearls by wearing them! Our skin produces natural oils which will mositurise your pearls and help maintain their lustruous appearance. You can also clean your pearls with special pearl cleaning cloths - we recommend using Town Talk Pearl Care Products. Do not use detergents or chemicals to clean your pearls as they are very precious gemstones and can be sensitive even to mild cleaning solutions. 

Your pearls should be the final touch to your outfit! When dressing apply any perfumes, lotions or sprays before you put your jewellery on. This will ensure your pearls do not come into contact with any liquids or chemicals that may otherwise cause them damage.

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Gold Plating

Our gold plated jewellery is coated with three microns worth of gold. Gold plating transforms the surface of silver with layers of either yellow gold or rose gold. Please kindly note that plating is a semi-everlasting finish and it can naturally wear away to reveal the silver surface below. In order to look after your gold plated finish it is important to keep your jewellery out of water and away from all liquids. Do not wear plated jewellery for activities such as bathing, swimming, exercising and household chores. 

To clean your gold plated jewellery we recommend using a simple 
Town Talk Microfibre Polishing ClothIt is important to be especially gentle because overcleaning can risk wearing away the gold plating. Use the cloth very lightly to bring about a clean and gentle shine. Do not use liquids or cleaning detergents as they may damage your gold plated finish.

For many people watching jewellery age, transform and develop a personal character over time is a charming and very personal process. We understand that every so often you might fancy adding some fresh layers of gold to your piece. If you do notice any waning areas of plating and you would like to revatalize your golden finish please get in touch and we will be happy to provide a plating restoration. Kindly note this will incur a small charge to cover the cost of the gold.

If you require an eternal gold finish we encourage you to commission your pieces to be created in solid gold. For solid gold jewellery prices and enquiries please get in touch via email.
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Polishing Service

Every so often you may like to have your piece refreshed proffesionally with a personalised polishing treatment. Ambrin will recondition your jewellery and return it to you gleaming and revitalized. If you would like to enquire about arranging a polishing treatment please contact Ambrin via email. Each treatment will incur a small fee to cover the time spent polishing. This will be dependant on the amount of reconditioning required.

We kindly request and strongly recommend that you come to Ambrin for your proffesional polishing needs. The
 style of design and the procceses she has developed are very unique to her. Your pieces are best cared for back in Ambrin's hands.
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Repair Service

We understand the upset that a broken piece of jewellery can cause and we are here to help! If you have had an accident with your jewellery please get in touch with Ambrin so that we can perform a repair. Ambrin will restore your piece of jewellery to its normal glistening state and we promise that you will be able to enjoy your jewel again. Our repair service will incur a fee to cover the cost of the repair and any additional materials that may be needed. 

We kindly request and strongly recommend that you come to Ambrin for any jewellery repair needs. The style of design and the procceses she has developed are very unique to her. Your pieces are best cared for back in Ambrin's hands.