Wear and Care

Take care of your pearls by wearing them! Our skin produces natural oils which will mositurise your pearls and enhance their lustruous appearance. You can also clean your pearls with special pearl cleaning cloths - we recommend using Town Talk pearl care products. Do not use detergents or chemicals to clean your pearls, they are very precious gemstones and can be sensitive even to mild cleaning solutions. Your pearl jewellery should be the final touch to your outfit - avoid applying purfumes, lotions and sprays while your are wearing your pearls as chemicals can damage them.


To keep the silver parts of your jewellery gleaming we recommend using Town Talk silver jewellery products. Gently wipe the silver areas of your jewellery with a polishing cloth. When you are not wearing your jewellery keep it stored safely within the box to avoid silver tarnishing. If you do notice some tarnishing don't worry as the cleaning solution contained within the silver jewellery cloth will easily remove this. When cleaning take care not to bring your silver polishing cloth into direct contact with your pearl - as it may contain chemicals that your pearl will be sensitive to.

To remove any silver chain tarnish you can dip parts of the chain in the Town Talk silver sparkle solution for a few minutes. You must take great care to ensure your pearl does not come into contact with or go into the solution as this may damage your pearl. 

We recommend you dip different sections of chain into the solution, one section after another, to achieve an even clean while simultaneously keeping your pearl safe. You may want to gently rinse your chain with water after in order to remove any excess solution.

Our rose gold plated jewellery is coated with three microns worth of gold. Your rose gold plated jewellery will not therefore tarnish in the same way unplated silver jewellery does. If you want to clean your rose gold plated jewellery we recommend using a simple microfibre jewellery cloth. It is important to be especially gentle when you clean plated jewellery because overcleaning can wear away the gold plate - use the cloth very lightly while cleaning and do not bring your rose gold plated jewellery into contact with any liquids or cleaning solutions.

As mentioned our gold plated jewellery is plated with three microns which is a very thick layer of gold. Plating is under guarantee for the first twelve months of purchase and should not wear during this time. After twelve months if you notice any plating fade away please get in touch and we will be happy to provide a plating restoration - kindly note this will incur a small charge to cover the cost of the gold. It is important to keep your plated jewellery away from all liquids in order to protect and preserve the plating. In most cases if due are and attention is followed it can be a long time before it may be neccesary to replate a piece of jewellery - Ambrin has been wearing her own Bubblegum Saint Christopher rose gold plated necklace regularly for over a year and has experienced  no fading.

If you have any doubts on how to care for your jewellery please get in touch as we will be happy to guide you and ensure you get the best out of your pieces!